The Linguist’s Curiosity

Words have always interested me. As a writer, I have to select from an array of words which ones communicate what I want to say. I’m even using words now!

For those who don’t know, I am deaf/hard of hearing, and what interests me is British Sign Language (BSL). Primarily because it doesn’t involve words…

Therefore, it would be interesting to learn a new unconventional language, that involves a different method of communicating aside from speech. Not to mention that should things get worse hearing wise, I’ve got fluent BSL under my belt!

However, sadly BSL can be quite costly. Instead, I was advised about going on a lip reading course. This would not only be cheaper, but would be a handy skill regardless of hearing ability (though it definitely helps!).

So I’ll have to look into that! I’ll let you know of any progress!

Anyone know any sign language? Or know how to lip-read? Comment below!



9 thoughts on “The Linguist’s Curiosity

  1. I am hearing, but I know the manual alphabet and a few signs in ASL (American Sign Language). I’ve always been fascinated by sign language — to me, it’s very graceful to see and expressive. I love to watch somebody converse in this way whether they’re doing the signs themselves or working with an interpreter.

    I’m curious about how much BSL signs differ from ASL signs. Any thoughts?


  2. Wow, what a revelation Liam, just when you think we know someone! I don’t remember ever reading about your deafness previously, my friend. It makes all your talents even more remarkable. Since I once asked if there was anything you couldn’t do, I guess I now discovered one, signing. With your determined spirit however, I believe you will master this within weeks! I suppose playing the drums so well is extremely logical when you feel the beat of the instrument. My daughter learned sign language very quickly when she wanted to speak to her friends, you will too. Blessings,


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