The Confusion of Journalism

OK, so there may be something in “the life of a thinker” that I’m not really going into detail about. This being education, university etc etc… Why? Well, short answer, it’s quite confusing!

For a while, I’ve enjoyed the normal flow of education. There were years where learning mattered, until “upper school” where GCSE’s mattered. Then, when they’re done, A-Levels give you a nudge, and you take them. Now? I’m awaiting the prod from university. But this is where things get confusing…

Apprenticeships are another option , but before I go into detail about that. I guess I should say first that I want to be a journalist or PR manger. Basically, anything under the large business group of “writing” I wouldn’t mind going into… But here’s the problem, jobs involving writing are very competitive.

So I’ve had a look for all the hints and tips when it comes to landing a job in the PR or Journalism industry. In most instances, what matters most is experience.

Already I’ve got a lot of experience, and I’m still looking for more. But alongside that, I need a qualification of some sort.

Now, immediately, one would go and get a Journalism degree. But in my position, I want a degree where I can get into journalism, but PR as well! So what other options are there?

Conveniently, a small group of universities offer a Journalism and PR course – great! But despite this covering both areas I want to go into, the journalism side isn’t approved by the NCTJ.

Back in the time where I was researching the courses, media organisations always admire NCTJ-approved courses. So theoretically, the Journalism side of the Journalism and PR degree would be a waste of time and money.

So the two options are Journalism or Journalism and PR. But what I’ve come to realise is that an NCTJ approved Journalism is likely to get me into PR. It’s very confusing!

Fortunately, I’ve still got some time to contemplate and make my decision!



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