The NCS Experience: Part Three

Yesterday saw me attend my NCS Graduation. This being the final part of the course where we review our Social Action Plan (which we plan to do at a later date), do a speech ourselves and just celebrate really (plus certificates and other things).

The graduation itself was very formal. I wore a suit and everyone was dressed in particularly smart clothing. All areas from smart to casual were covered.

So the event consisted of a variety of things. We had speakers who gave some very inspiring speeches about the influence we all had on our local community, and some of our team leaders also did some speeches about our involvement in the NCS programme.

Then came the team speeches, where we would all go up on stage as a team and talk about what we did/are going to do for our Social Action Plan. We were the last to go up, but it was still great fun. We had created two funny animations and videos to introduce ourselves before we gave our speech about what we did to help the community. We were then given our certificates.

After that, the night was over, and it soon descended into chats and sadly, some goodbyes. We had a lot of photo opportunities before I went, so that was great. NCS has ended, though overall, it has been awesome, and I have definitely made some new friends.

Another thing, was that throughout the graduation itself, many people mentioned about spreading the word about NCS. This meant about getting involved personally, and encouraging friends to take part. So through this blog post, I am going to spread the word. So all UK readers who know 16-17 year olds, get them involved! With only that age gap being allowed to take part, it is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity – so do it!

NCS has been great, and I’d really recommend it.



2 thoughts on “The NCS Experience: Part Three

    • It’s been a while since I did NCS so I’ll try and remember. As far as I’m aware, you have the residential, a few days (or maybe weeks) to organise your Social Action Plan and do it. Then, a date for graduation is set shortly after that.

      Sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote this and so I don’t know the exact details.


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