I have a blog… Not an Autobiography

Celebrities are known to release autobiographies. What makes them succeed is the sense of background we get when we see their stories which lead them to becoming famous and the people we know today.

So the reason why I blog, rather than go down the route of autobiography? Simple. The main reason being is that there needs to be stories that are interesting – and a lot of them. At the current moment in my life, I’ve had a lot of good moments, but (which is the second thing) it doesn’t lead to a main accomplishment that comes with a celebrity’s autobiography. We see their buildup to fame, or this one life-changing moment. But for me, it’s a bit too early for a life-changing moment to happen. I haven’t even made any life-changing decisions yet!

Another thing as well with autobiographies, is that the person’s life is under constant pressure to be interesting. But for a fairly average human being, telling the world about the small, minor things in my life would not be very interesting. So hello blogging!

If anything, blogging is like an autobiography. Both explore the life of the storyteller. But whilst the autobiography is based on the large canvas of someone’s life, a blog has no particular boundaries…

My blog is a life blog. For those on Twitter, or those who abbreviate, an “lblogger”. But of course, on a day where nothing much happened, it wouldn’t be a very interesting story to tell on either a blog or autobiography.

In this instance, goodbye autobiography! But blog-wise, I can include my thoughts and opinions on things that interest me (for example, Sherlock).

A primary example of this, and one I’ll end this post on, is that it helps when I haven’t got anything to write about – yay!



4 thoughts on “I have a blog… Not an Autobiography

  1. Hey,
    I followed your blog a week or something ago and I really enjoy your posts and such. I’ve only really started blogging and I haven’t really got any readers. I was just wondering if you had any tips, since you seem to be pretty successful with blogging and maybe if you could give me a shout out or something? It would be REALLY helpful, and I’d owe you big time. If you’re not interested, that’s alright too. 🙂
    Thanks, x


    • Hey!

      Woah! Thank you! Thanks for commenting and following, that’s awesome! 🙂 I’m glad you like my posts!

      Tip-wise, I’d say definitely make use of social media. Twitter and Facebook pages for your blog are really handy. Try making use of hashtags on both sites too! Linking with that, tying your posts in with current affairs or popular TV shows etc help with views too. I hope that helps!

      As for a shoutout or something, how about a guest blog post on my blog, and I guest blog on yours? I’ve been meaning to have more guest blogs on here so that’d be awesome! What do you think?

      If you would like to, you can send me an email through the Contact page and I’ll get back to you with some details about it.

      Please let me know! 🙂



      • Hey,
        The guest blog post sounds great! You can be my blogger friend 🙂 I looked for your e-mail on your contact page, but it says ’email:’ without putting your e-mail actually on there. So I’ve been fiddling around on your page for fifteen minutes trying to figure it out like an idiot! Anyway, my e-mail is sopie00@hotmail.com so when you get the chance to hit me up about it, we can talk about details and such.
        Thanks heaps! x


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