Drums: The Performance Problem

So most of you will know that I play the drums, but there’s some problems that come with playing the drums for some things… Here are the two problems at the moment:

1. You can’t really perform solo…
Drums, to be honest, are a band instrument. In a classical band or jazz band etc. they help the conductor with tempo, whilst in a modern band, they are the conductor. They control most of the technical elements of the band/song, whilst adding the occasional flair in what they play.

Now, since the drums are so technical, and interdependent on other instruments, they can’t really perform solo. You don’t see singer-songwriters that sing whilst playing the drums, which is a shame.

2. You can’t create songs with the instrument.
I’ve always wanted to go down the route of writing a song, but I’ve always seen it from a negative perspective. The process – to me – appears long and complex when it comes to creating melodies for each instrument.

Also, if I was to have a tune in my head, I would be unable to use drums to help discover the melody. Instead, I have to reach for a keyboard and search for the note that matches the one that I am humming. Another sad problem.

But nonetheless, the drums are by far a great instrument to play for the fact that it can be so simple at first, but can become progressively difficult. As well as that, there’s great opportunities for amazing drum solos!

Any drummers out there that know what I mean about any of these? Comment below!


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