The Story of my Avatar

So, to start things off, in case you didn’t know, my WordPress avatar looks like this…


Now, not only do I feel like I should provide you with more information about this image, but there has been some news recently that has made me a bit sad regarding this. But before that, a little bit of background…

This picture comes from a great beach in Cornwall known as Porthcothan. I have been to Cornwall many times in the last and this by far is one of my favourite beaches. As for the picture itself, that day saw me have a zest for taking coastal photographs (which I often have as I find objects that don’t move are easier to take pictures of!), and this particular rock seemed to catch my eye. It has since remained one of my favourite pictures and had been my WordPress avatar since the very beginning (which, oddly enough, is funny as I set up my blog in Cornwall!)

But I am now going to talk about the sad news. As I believe you all know, the USA has been affected by a polar vortex, creating a large amount of snow and harsh, cold weather. However, this storm has since come over our way, but as the for of rain. This has sadly lead to flooding, and the destruction of beautiful coastal imagery. One of the beaches affected being Porthcothan…

So what makes me sad is that that beautiful image that is my avatar, may no longer exist anymore.

To me, Porthcothan may never be the same again…



8 thoughts on “The Story of my Avatar

  1. So sad to lose a beautiful and personal space, maybe it is time to find a new lovely and lonely area that is just waiting for you to explore it and share it with all of us?


    • That could be true! Though I’m afraid there’s still a bit of me that loves Porthcothan’s rock…Maybe in the future there may be other beautiful coastal imagery that replaces it…We shall see, but of course I’ll let you guys know! 🙂


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