Musical Discovery: ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

After hearing the song being played before, and seeing it on TV, I immediately began to develop a liking for the band Clean Bandit, as well as the vocals provided by Jess Glynne. The song itself starts with beautifully constructed violin solos, which at first seems unusual for an electronic dance track, but soon set a really feel-good emotion.

Then comes the synthesiser melodies along with Glynne’s vocals, which give a unique feel to the track, and add to the upbeat emotions communicated. When it comes to the chorus, pianos and violins are reintroduced to give a soulful part of the track. It is this which stands out as the moments of soul are separate from the upbeat verses, making the song become a great combination of melodies.

As for the video, my personal opinion leads to me thinking it is very similar to Bastille’s Pompeii music video, as both see an individual run away from people with crazy-looking eyes. Regardless, the video also links with the overall feel-good tone set.

The song has a predicted release date of the 19th January for those in the UK, and it is likely that it will be a huge hit in the charts when it is released.

In the meantime, I thoroughly suggest listening to it, and getting it when it’s out!



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