Thoughts on Sherlock: ‘His Last Vow’ (SPOILERS)

At the start of 2014, fans of BBC’s Sherlock were eagerly anticipating three episodes, starting on New Year’s Day. However, the only problem is that with only 3 episodes a series, tonight saw the last episode of the series. But boy was it a good one!

The previous episode did hint at a last vow of Sherlock’s, so the episode did well to add to the final episode. But if anything, the episode was full of little gems and surprises! The first being that there were two occasions in the episode where we question whether Sherlock dies (in one of which, we see another great section of footage about Sherlock’s “mind palace”, and some more footage from Moriarty’s actor, Andrew Scott). Another shock moment linked to this was the revelation that Mary is a criminal as well! Another surprise!

Anyway, the actual matter concerning the new arch-villian, Magnussen. After the now-supposed death of Moriarty, viewers wee judgemental about what the new villain could bring to the table. We had psychopath? Now what?

Instead, we were offered with another mirror-image of Sherlock. This time Magnussen has his own “mind-palace”, which is full of files he could use to blackmail. This role was played magnificently by Lars Mikkellson. It also allowed for Mycroft to be developed further, as Magnussen was now a top blackmailer.

But his defeat came in a somewhat predictable way…His death. It was predictable on the grounds that it is likely that any blackmailer on that scale would be killed. Otherwise, any other method to imprison or deal with him would end in shocking revelations. However, it was still a surprise when Sherlock suddenly killed him.

And lastly, it was quite fortunate that I saw notices to wait until the end of the credits, as viewers were treated to a shocker! Probably one of the best cliffhangers of the show to date! Of course, this implies another great series!

Overall though, it’s a shame that it was over so quickly. But since it is my birthday in March, the DVD of Series 3 is definitely going on my list!

I look forward to Series 4!



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