Book Progress: The Important Chapters

This post isn’t one of me completing a chapter (I am still working on Chapter Five), but more of a realisation I have had yesterday and today.

So far, two chapters I have written appeared to lack a sense of action, but they have key elements that start the chain reaction of the story. The word counts of both are outside the traditional pattern, but I then understood another factor.

If you choose to give an important chapter (that doesn’t necessarily contain action) a large word count, it can become boring. In an instance where key information about the book needs to be communicated, the comprehension needs to be quick. Therefore, giving a long chapter to it would likely confuse them, and won’t create a good start.

So at first where I was rather disappointed by the dip in the word and page count, looking at it with the above perspective, makes me feel much more positive.

P.S. The latest update will be up soon!


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