Thoughts on Sherlock: ‘The Sign of Three’ (SPOILERS)

With the idea for this episode being Sherlock as the best man for John’s wedding, we already braced ourselves for what we knew would be an hour and a half of hilarity and craziness. But in my opinion, it was rather awkward than funny. But eitherway, it gave us an insight into the character of Sherlock Holmes, and what we could conclude from the episode was that he isn’t good at speeches, nor is he particularly good at solving cases when drunk.

The episode itself was quick to get to Sherlock’s best man speech. After the scene of Lestrade failing to catch a group of robbers (which wasn”t actually solved at the end), and having a go at his car (with Sgt. Donovan witness – she’s back!), we were then brought to the wedding, and Sherlock’s speech itself.

At first, any viewer (myself included) would perceive the speech itself to be Sherlock going on a tangent, with the detective talking about a variety of short cases that almost made the episode appear as a collection of short stories. But what we later found was that it was building up to a much bigger finale. In particular, we found that the cases all linked together, and the centre-point was John’s wedding itself.

The case itself was very interesting, though somewhat predictable on the grounds that the photographer was obviously going to be the one responsible. In the end, though, all queries and questions raised throughout the episode were resolved in the end with the case itself. As well as that, the actual wedding allowed us to see different parts of the complex character of Sherlock Holmes, and when it was announced that Mary was pregnant (and a hint to the episode’s title), the pregnancy and John’s marriage clearly highlighted Sherlock’s concern at the fact that John may not be able to solve cases with him anymore.

I think overall, the episode was more of an opportunity to explore key moments in the Sherlock story cannon, rather than a high-octane action episode like the previous one. The only disappointment for me was that the villain did not make an appearance near the end of the programme, unlike the first. So we have to wait until the series finale! It’s going to be good!


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