Returning Blog Themes

It was when I received my 2013 in Review report that I noticed a lot of themes on my blog have since declined and ended, such as imPRESSive, Discussions on Writing Advice and maybe even The Friday Article…It’s a bit of a shame really, so I’m going to bring some of them back! Huzzah!

Discussions on Writing Advice:

I’ve decided that I shall be bringing this back! For 8 weeks, every Saturday, we shall be discussing a range of writing advice and mantras for writers, and evaluate just how helpful they are. They’ve gone down great in the past, and get quite a discussion going! But, I need some topics! So, if you’ve heard of any particular writing advice, let me know! Comment below with your suggestions!

The Friday Article:

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was for improving and showcasing my journalistic skills. i have since done this through Musical Discovery reviews (which I will be doing more of too!), TV Drama reviews, and The Friday Article. Now, seeing that I would like to enter the path of PR/Marketing/Journalism in the future, I need to showcase it as much as possible, so The Friday Article helps!

What else can I expect from this blog this year, Liam?

Well, everything may become more exciting when I finish my book! As I can then chronicle the exciting journey of getting the idea into print, which I hope to make insightful and interesting for all those contemplating book publishing. Aside from that, maybe some more drumming posts, and musical topics, and I may include some more photography to make it more exciting! There’s a lot to look forward to in 2014!

Don’t forget, leave your writing advice below!



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