Book Progress: A Question of Readability

So I have now started work on Chapter 2 of my book, but worryingly, self-doubt is starting to rise again, and my mind is starting to question whether people will actually read it, or agents and publishers will actually take my book on. If anything, having a glance at my novel’s plot does make me feel as though it lacks excitement, action, suspense, or what is known to some writers as “the hook” – what gets readers intrigued that they want to continue reading?

So then my mind looks at the possibility of editing in the future. For me at least, the idea of “re-writing” seems so self-disrespectful… Writing a book only to start again! Personally, I think “editing” is exactly the same as “re-writing”.

So with all this self-doubt and negativity, what is it that’s made me not give it up yet? Honestly? I don ‘t know… I guess motivation more than anything, and me being more strict on myself…

I just hope I can finish it this time…


4 thoughts on “Book Progress: A Question of Readability

  1. Liam my friend, stop it! Just write it! You have characters in your head who need to be activated. Did you expect to be Ringo Star the first time you played the drums? Or Robert Frost when you first wrote poetry? Probably not. You need to ask yourself why this is different.

    No author is ever completely satisfied with his finished product. I look back on my works and think, “Gosh why didn’t express it in this way or use this word?” You’ll write even better when you are thirty than you do now because life experiences molds and refines one. Life itself is a continuing process. You’re searching for perfection. Ironically I just wrote a blog, “Resolve: Strive for Excellence, not Perfection.” I urge you to read it. Success and Blessings in the New Year,


    • Haha! That’s very true! It takes practice – and I’ve had a few failures in the past (that count as practice?)

      Absolutely. I have no doubt that I can constantly polish this novel until it’s right. That’s true! In fact, my latest copy of Writing Magazine arrived today and they said something similar – Write for productivity, not for perfection, or something similar… You’re both right!

      Oh my, I’ve been meaning to pop over to your blog – just haven’t had the time! Shall have a look now – thanks for the link! 🙂


    • Hey! Thanks for commenting and liking! 😀

      Hmm…I’ve always avoided posting my work up on my blog. What I’ve found is that it poses BIG issues about “idea-theft”. If you’re writing for fun with no intent of publishing the stories or work, then that’s fine, the feedback may be very beneficial, but if you’re planning on getting a publishing deal from it, I wouldn’t.

      It’s a very risky field. Putting your work up creates “idea-theft” issues but may help you in getting noticed by an agent or publisher. But, on the other hand, not publishing stories protects your ownership of the stories, but means you’re less likely to get noticed…

      Up to you – hope this helps!



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