Thoughts on 2013

My, what a year! I’m afraid it has been one of those years for me where my memory is that bad I had so much fun this year that I can only remember the previous few months off the top of my head. But eitherway, this year for me, has been the year of opportunity.

I have mentioned on this blog a few times recently about how seizing opportunities helps in life, and this year is the year. What I’m about to say next is completely cliche, but it’s true. Blogging on here has since got me places, and created new opportunities. I have since blogged for other magazines and online blogs, which then lead to me going to London, receiving Journalism masterclasses and then going off and doing some professional reporting. It’s been great!

This year in May also saw me take my Grade 6 exam, and Pass! Another opportunity taken and has lead to success! (P.S. I am hoping to take my Grade 7 exam in May 2014 – all going well).

Volunteering has also changed my life massively this year as well. Opportunities involved with volunteering, both nationally and locally, have since helped to make this year awesome. March this year saw me attend the vInspired National Awards, I then searched vInspired‘s directory of volunteering opportunities and have since blogged and PR’d (not a word, I know), for even more people. I also helped blog for my local council – which greatly increased my social groups further! Similar is NCS, which I am still partaking in, which has helped me socially even more! This year has been massive!

So in conclusion, seizing opportunity can have an effect on more opportunities coming their way, and can definitely give you a sense of accomplishment. But as for next year, that will be the year of experience (although I’m not sure of the different between opportunities and experience), where I can see and do more!

So, the question is, will you continue to read my adventures on my blog in 2014?

Happy New Year everyone!


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