Weekly Update: The Last Week (ish) of 2013

This week was rather exciting for everyone really, what with Christmas arriving – in this instance – by surprise, and we are left looking forward to what 2014 holds, once again shocked at how quick the year goes.

So Christmas was, like most people, a good time to unite with family. Christmas was very good this year.

Then came Boxing Day onwards, where the buzz of excitement created by Christmas dies down and leaves us with 5 or so days to wait until New Year’s Eve.

But recently, I have been able to complete planning my book! Yay! So I am now in the phase of writing the actual thing – double yay! I was even quick to tackle the task of the opening sentence! I now have 30 chapters to write, and look forward to continue work on it in the New Year. That, and the eagerly-awaited Sherlock Series 3, which I will be watching – and reviewing.

Has anyone got anything to look forward to in the New Year? Comment below!

Happy New Year in advance!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: The Last Week (ish) of 2013

  1. I want an year of action & adventure, so I’m going to do some kayaking, climbing and hopefully a para-glide!

    Glad that you had a lovely festive season and that you are writing, do you still need any help with an opening paragraph?


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