I have a deadline, please actively encourage me

Sorry for the Caps Lock title. I understand going full-on Caps Lock is probably not the best approach to a blog post for Friday, especially when Friday is a day for settling down and getting ready for the weekend – not to mention Christmas…

But if there’s one thing that Caps Lock is useful for is that of conveying urgency. Sorry, getting carried away. What I mean is that I have some very urgent and panicky-but-in-a-good-way-news…

My book (yep, still going strong) is going well, but in order to actually finish a book I intend to publish (still haven’t done it), I feel the need to be strict with my routine. In this instance, setting deadlines.

In the past, I have always hissed and boo’d at deadlines. When taking part in NaNoWriMo, I admired the freedom it gave me with the “ability to be rubbish”, but at the same time my mind started to panic about the deadline of the end of the month. This then lead to me rushing, and creating a book I wasn’t really proud of.

However, since I am still planning, there’s no real sense of rushing if I impose a deadline on myself. In this instance, I have set myself the rather short-notice deadline of finishing planning my chapters by the end of this year. How this doesn’t “rush” me as such is through the fact that at the current moment in time, my ideas are yet to be confined to the short parameters of a chapter. So hopefully this will allow me to condense my ideas into these 30 blank canvases. All I can say is wish me luck.

Oh, and back to that title… I would appreciate any encouragement I get – it might possibly help.


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