Thoughts on Art and Ballet

As part of my A-Level, Communication and Culture, we were given the opportunity yesterday to go on a trip to The National Gallery to look at some art, before swiftly going to the London Coliseum in the evening to watch The International Ballet’s The Nutcracker. But since I’ve never been to a National Gallery, nor seen a ballet performance, today would be a good day to share my thoughts on the two.

The slightly long and awkward train journey was first, before quickly getting the tube to Leicester Square. Once there, we visited M&M World for a popular culture activity, when compared to the high culture activities of the gallery and ballet. In M&M World in particular, my attempt to buy a souvenir pen was prevented by the rather hefty price tag, and the smell of the building was a rather nauseating aroma…

So after quickly fleeing the building, I then visited The National Gallery near Trafalgar Square (yep, we saw the giant blue rooster, if you’re curious). The National Gallery visit comprised of a quick tour which explored three paintings from different eras. The paintings we looked at varied in place, context and style. The favourite of the paintings I saw was that of Monet’s Bathers at La Grenouillère, and a painting nearby, entitled Bridge at Argenteuil and the Seine by Gustave Caillebotte. The latter was one I simply adored, and I didn’t usually like art!

Then came the compulsory gift shop visit, which saw me buy the obligatory pen (three, in this case) and two magnets. After that we swiftly visited the London Colliseum for the performance of the English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

At first a judgmental attitude was assumed by myself about ballet when it started. But since the music started before the ballet began, I couldn’t help (as a musician) but appreciate the brilliant performance the live orchestra did throughout. As for the ballet itself, I increasingly admired the precision and dedication there must have been in the choreography involved. The music and the ballet combined together perfectly, though the only problem was that my attention shifted between the orchestra and the ballet… They were both so good!

After all that, we had the benefit of having two hours to spend before our trains went off-peak and we could go home. This time consisted of getting a Starbucks (my first one independently), going into Forbes, going into WH Smiths and dancing to Capital Cities. It was a very fun 2 hours…

Not to mention a very fun day overall! I loved all of it!



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