Musical Discovery: Christmas Number One

So I recently saw a YouTube video from BBC Radio One about who the contenders for the Number One spot are. Now, this special edition musical discovery sees me explore who will be this year’s festive song for Christmas!

First off, I don’t believe it will be The X Factor winner this year. I know there were previous successes along the likes of Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, but let’s not forget that their Number Ones were both a form of Christmas-themed song, with Alexandra’s being Hallelujah. However, now that they have gone down the route of doing covers of pop songs, I doubt that it would be successful this year. Not to mention that not many people watch it…

Then there is Lily Allen with a cover of Keane’s track, Somewhere Only We Know. This has been made into almost a Christmas lullaby, with quite a nice feel to it. Of course, the release of this track accompanied the release of this year’s John Lewis advert, so it is fairly unlikely that it will rise up the charts again to reach the Number One spot.

Personally, my opinion, and hope, lies with one of two choirboy singles. With both of them having nice Christmas joy being assigned to their backgrounds, and the songs they sing. They both also link to carol singing. I wish them all the success. We can only cross our fingers!



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