Thoughts on New Blogging Methods

Using password protected posts has always been an interesting creative idea for my blog.

I’ve always thought about creating a large scale puzzle on my blog, with secret codes that would unlock the next post, and there was no better time to incorporate this idea into my blog than that of my Festive Thinker Advent. This was later changed to that of “12 Days of Blogmas”, but there were reasons for this…

The first being that there was a certain sense of commitment when it comes to 12 days where each code links with the next day. Unlike all my other public posts where they are just that, public. They weren’t dependant on other factors. Therefore, views went down, which isn’t good.

Also, I struggled to come up with content and ideas for each day. It was difficult.

However, if there was one positive, my follows increased, and my likes decreased. But on the other hand, a thought I had was that a like also includes a view as well.

So to conclude, this idea may not have been the best…


P.S. All posts have now been made public, with the passwords mentioned at the end! Thanks to those who participated!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on New Blogging Methods

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