12 Days of Blogmas! Day 9: Why are socks so popular?

Everyone gets them. Some form of clothing. Mostly boxers or socks. Maybe even festive ones (I know festive socks are a thing, but not to sure about festive boxers). But there comes a point where we’ve got to ask, why do we always have to get the odd pair of socks?

I suppose the logic comes from the fact that we often want don’t like the awkwardness of asking someone what they like for Christmas (with the exception being Santa asking children, or adults asking children as a general question). Otherwise, the question has since become a bit of a social taboo…

So what do we do? We go and wrap up a pair of pants and socks as an expected Christmas present that is bound to be used gratefully, though we always question why…


The answer to this post was STOCKING.

Think Outside the Box...

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