12 Days of Blogmas! Day 5: When can we talk about Christmas?

I remember times in October and November this year, where people were preparing for Christmas. But most people, myself as well, deemed it as too early. As well as that, recent occasions like Black Friday and the current Christmas adverts all took place in November, as did the word Christmas trending on Twitter. So when is it OK to talk about Christmas without getting a groan or moan from friends or family?

I think what we need to take into account is that of when the festivities increase. December 1st sees the start of the Advent Calendar, and when most people start to put their Christmas decorations up. So therefore it would be appropriate to do it then. However, it is debatable. The thing that matters is Christmas cheer. People who used to be a grumpy individual about it need to watch the tale of A Christmas Carol. Now’s the time to talk about Christmas. Not long now!

But in the future, maybe start the festivities a little later? End of November, perhaps?


The answer to this post was SCROOGE.

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