12 Days of Blogmas! Day 4: Tea

First off, yep. Tea. For those who have seen my previous ventures, you will know that I have tried coffee too. But only as a last resort. Both are three sugars anyway.

Regarding the scenarios, mostly after a busy day before I go to bed! or when I am writing (despite coffee being “the writer’s fuel”, tea still helps.

As for accompanying condiments, biscuits such as Nice biscuits (which are, in fact, more than just “nice”), Hovis or Jacob’s biscuits help. But I don’t have it with anything else, not what Wallace has with his Wensleydale cheese – “cracking cheese Gromit!”

Comment below! Tea or coffee?


P.S. A simple, but also complex hint today! Told you they’d be harder! Also, the word is a plural!

The answer to this post was CRACKERS.


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