12 Days of Blogmas! Day Two: Thoughts on Australia

I have only been to Australia twice, but I can tell you, that both visits were great fun.

However, the problem with young age is that you forget earlier moments in your life. Unfortunately, both visits were one of them times. But I can still fantasise on how beautiful it is, and what it must have been like (fortunately, pictures help).

We explored many places throughout the two visits. These comprising of well-known, and lesser known landmarks. These comprising of Rottness Beach, with the well known landmarks of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and visited Brisbane and Perth, too.

However, one place I wouldn’t mind exploring, is that of the Great Barrier Reef. The wildlife and the plants underwater that could be viewed by a glass-bottom boat would be amazing. Though I’m not one to do diving and get up-close and personal with the animals and the reef as a whole!

I now even have a little book of what I did on each day of the visit – a little scrapbook almost. I still have it somewhere, lingering in my room somewhere. I might even have a look one day…


P.S. Don’t forget, the hints are in bold! They should be easy and rather obvious and straightforward!

The answer to this post was WREATH.


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