12 Days of Blogmas! The Rules and How to Play!

I have always wanted to incorporate password protected posts into my blog, and a great way to do this is through a puzzle challenge. This is what this Advent Calendar is all about!

The Rules:

Each blog post every day from now until the 24th will be password protected. The password will be hidden in the context of the blog post from the previous day. For example, the context of Day 2, would lead to a password to unlock Day 3 and so on… Until you reach Day 24 where you receive a special blog post!

But the contexts all have a hidden Christmas theme. For example, if there is a blog post about a certain topic, think about how this could be related to Christmas, and you’ve got it!

Last note, all passwords are all-capitals. For example: LIKE THIS.

Also, to start off, the password for today’s blog post is CHRISTMAS

And if you’re really stuck, hints will be put in bold as a hint – and all passwords will be ONE WORD.

Best of luck, and I guess I can say, Merry Christmas too!



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