12 Days of Blogmas! Day One: Are all Christmas Adverts Traditional?!

Already many supermarket chains and businesses have released their adverts for Christmas as expected. Some as far as the start of November. Most originate around certain Christmas themes (such as John Lewis‘ adverts which always do well to summarise the meaning of Christmas, and family unity) whilst others promote Christmas sales.

But, going back to the idea of John Lewis, each year sees the public eagerly anticipate what the company do with their adverts to encourage sales. In the past, their ads have gone viral and raised huge amounts of popularity of social networking sites. So now, with the success, comes the pressure and tradition of John Lewis creating emotional and good quality adverts each year.

Another modern example is that of Sky, of which, when their adverts becoming seasonal, sees people officially preparing for Christmas. This is also similar to that of Parks as well.

But a long running advert that has become traditional and has assigned a large value towards the business is that of Coca Cola, of which every year the company broadcast their advert of the Coca Cola van driving past a village. As well as this being a tradition, the company has often been associated with the creation of a seasonal figure, with most people saying and believing that he was invented by the company. But evidence has shown that the tradition started before Coca Cola‘s adverts started to promote the festive individual.

Are there any adverts you see at Christmas which you see as being mostly traditional? Comment below!

And don’t forget, the answer to reveal tomorrow’s blog post password is in bold. It’s one word. Have you solved it? Come back tomorrow to find out!

Merry Christmas!


The answer to this post was SANTA.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas! Day One: Are all Christmas Adverts Traditional?!

  1. Hehehe I know tomorrow’s password 😉

    I think marketing does everything that it can to make them traditional, and because they’re very clever and sometimes unethical with their advertising methods; it is now part of the tradition. At least with everyone born from 1990 and upwards.

    A bit like it’s traditional to now tweet about Christmas dinner whilst you’re eating it… Not forgetting the photo too because not everyone knows what a sprout looks like. 😉


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