Thoughts on ‘The Day of The Doctor’ (Review)

I have no doubt that numerous other bloggers and TV critics will jump at the chance to review this. But still, I’m going to review the episode anyway.

First of all, the episode contained a rather large amount of kissing. Don’t ask me why I noticed that, but with the Zygon having a poisonous tongue, and there being a lot of romance with the Doctor and Clara. Also, the mentioning and inclusion of some past regenerations and episodes (in particular, the rather sneaky, but relevant, appearance of Peter Capaldi, and the appearance of the legendary Tom Baker as a curator). As well as that, I liked the tiny reference Tom makes: “Oh, if I could be you.” – Brilliant!

Anyway, to the plot! It sees Queen Elizabeth become confused with a Zygon before they deal with Time War nonsense. Firstly, on the matter of Joanna Page’s portrayal of the monarch. Despite Joanna being of Welsh nationality, her attempt at an English/royal accent was brilliant! Also, it did help to clear up the mystery that was the 10th Doctor’s affair with Queen Elizabeth.

Then, the next subject of the episode. The Fez. Of which I have no doubt that the hat will become a key motif of the series. Oh, and let’s not forget the predicted return of Billie Piper/Bad Wolf. To be honest, this was where I was a bit put off, as there was a lack of interaction with the Doctor, and she didn’t really contribute as much. Shame.

However, I did love the banter between all three. The comparison of screwdrivers and TARDIS’ were great!

But as a Whovian that thoroughly enjoyed the whole episode, I’ve forgot most of it because I enjoyed it so much, and my head hurts a little. Well done Moffat!

So lastly, let’s look forward to the Christmas special, about Trenzalore… This should be interesting…



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