Thoughts on Inspiration

Yesterday and today saw me do an enrichment day at my school. This revolved around the theme of “inspiration”. It began with a presentation and speech about how motivation can affect your future, and pursuing your dreams. But there was one aspect of pursuing a dream and inspiration that wasn’t quite mentioned in the presentation. But before that, a little snippet on what I did today.

So lessons were “suspended” for the day, with workshops from experts replacing them. The four lessons I was given included (in order): Art, Web Design, Music and Journalism.

Art consisted of doing spray painting, which, after originally disliking art (I don’t consider myself a good drawer, only when copying a photograph or image), I actually enjoyed it, and am now seeing about looking into doing more art in the future. Then, regarding web design, we initially were going to design a website in Adobe’s DreamWeaver (but unfortunately crashed), but instead had to use Notepad. But eitherway, that was very interesting after I found out I had learnt a bit of code already! – If you use the app version of WordPress, it has code on it!

Then we had break time before going to Music. As a drummer, this was a great lesson, as we had to write a song (quite easy for a poet, no?) and then perform it. Well, we didn’t perform in the end, but it gave me a great insight, and I now feel inspired to go into songwriting! Lastly, it was the journalism workshop, which of course for someone like me, was amazing! I designed my own magazine, which I enjoyed (expect a future magazine coming to newsagents soon!).

But anyway, back onto the topic of inspiration and pursuing your dreams. I couldn’t help but think that there is another aspect to pursuing dreams. This factor is that of seizing opportunity, and knowing where to look. For it is that, which enhances CV’s, UCAS applications and makes progress. Knowing that you want to be the next journalist, footballer, or whatever, means you’ve got to know where to look. A footballer has to look for clubs to be involved in, journalists look for people to interview, whatever you aspire to be, you need to look…

So yes, inspiration and motivation plays a part, but at the same time, there comes the motivation to take the next step, and finding opportunities that will lead to you achieving that dream.


Sidenote: Most blog posts will now start with “Thoughts on…”, as I am trying to adhere to my blog name!

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