Blog Tip: Write About Current Affairs

OK, so this was a tip I discovered a while back, but now it’s becoming more and more beneficial for me in terms of blog views. By this, I mean writing about current affairs.

Now I understand not all of my fellow bloggers are budding journalists like myself, and don’t have the same kind of “motif” on their blog (mine being my life, writing, interviews and occasional shows I like), but we can all at least try to tie in what we write about with a current affair.

For example, after checking my stats yesterday of All-Time, aside from my Homepage and About page being first and second respectively, the next three were a post about Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Sub Focus’ single Endorphins.

Some of my views come from search engines as well, the logic of course being that when news is announced, most turn to search engines to find out as much information as possible. Using the Doctor Who example, some of us are desperate for spoilers about the 50th Anniversary episode. This is why I have put a lot of Doctor Who posts up recently, and of course, these have lead to me getting a lot of blog views, primarily because of current affairs and Google’s search engine.

So just a note today really, try and tie your blog’s theme in with a current affair, and watch the stats grow. Also, another note, I’m not a blog expert, but it’s a handy tip I’ve noticed. Feel free to use it!



4 thoughts on “Blog Tip: Write About Current Affairs

  1. Interesting post Liam, and how I entered your site.
    I was searching out this topic, as I’ve just started my own weblog (still struggle to call it a blog, as I also struggle to call our boat kitchen a galley), but have started to doubt whether just writing general interest articles, across a broad spectrum, will ever be a head-turner for traffic? I confess to wanting to monitize it along the way, but don’t think the email marketing angle is going to be much of a winner on a site like mine.
    I’m only two articles in at the moment, but wondered whether you’d be able to reassure me with some stats and page numbers for a blog (there, I did it) like your’s, as I feel my own site (dah) could evolve to be a similar thing, unless I change direction now. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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    • Thanks, Stuart! I’m glad you found it interesting and thanks for commenting!

      I think in terms of general interest, it’s finding something current in the news which could tie in with that interest. For example, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on the surveillance state, but waited until a TV show about it (Channel 4’s Hunted) was out and trending on Twitter before I published it. Hashtags help and in terms of stats – my posts about Sherlock – as mentioned in this article – are still one of my all-time popular posts with over 200 views.

      I do hope this helps and makes sense, but I’d say to try and find a news story which matches your ideas, or add your ideas to a news story/general interest.



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