Weekly Update: The Problem of the Ever-Expanding Idea

OK, so aside from school and other commitments recently (which is why I don’t post regularly – sorry!), I have been working once again on my book, which has once again needed to be redrafted.

This time, I had a degree of over-confidence. I wanted to feel motivated (so “The Evil Editor” or that evil voice in my head that tells me to give up doesn’t start talking), but it appears as thoughI have become over-motivated, for I kept on having loads and loads of ideas – and they wouldn’t stop.

Now this may be seen as a good thing. However, when I have since combined a trilogy into one book, and now I have more ideas than I need (or can understand), I can tell that’s it’s becoming complicated, and a chore, and unfortunately, a writing rule I abide by is that if it ever gets complicated or a chore, you give up. But NO.

Instead, I kept the original idea, and have tweaked it. This involved tweaking characters and creating more subplots (of which, is working and fits in with the plots nicely). So now I am in the process of starting again, but with a refreshed form of motivation of confidence, and that the first few pages of my Hogwarts notebook (which is the best) wasn’t put to waste, as it is still relevant.

So now comes more planning, but after numerous attempts as plotting, I can tell it will either be done very quickly (due to the motivation) or very slowly (due to planning being one of the boring parts of writing – well, it’s not even writing as such, but still…boring).

As always, I shall keep you updated. Have a good week!



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