The Day of the Doctor: Final Predictions (SPOILERS)

So after more teasers and promotional material have been released, I thought I would have a final chance at trying to predict the plot and basis of the episode. The final teaser video I have seen being the following:

So here’s what we can conclude, or at least predict…

1. It will inevitably involve the Time War:
OK, so a simple one to start with. Through pictures, posters and trailers, we know that the Daleks are back, and that the Time War will probably follow. Simple. This should be interesting…

2. Rose Tyler will either look into the TARDIS again, or return from the parallel universe she is trapped in.
This idea comes from the trailer. For a brief moment, a clip of Rose’s eyes glowing are shown, and they are similar to that of when she looked into the TARDIS (in the Bad Wolf episode, I believe). What relevance this has to the Time War, is unknown, but it may be linked to the chaos and craziness associated with the Time War, perhaps?

3. John Hurt’s Doctor is the one involved in the Time War:
It has been said that John Hurt’s Doctor does something evil/wrong that shames the Doctor and “breaks the promise” (as mentioned in The Name of the Doctor). This wrongdoing is likely to be something in the Time War (it may even be the crystal as seen in the trailer).

4. The 10th Doctor and Queen Elizabeth I have a bit of romance:
It is mentioned in a Doctor Who blog post on the site that there were romantic scenes between David Tennant and Joanna Page (who plays Queen Elizabeth I). But this could be relevant, as there are parts of the episode with William Shakespeare (the one with the witches, can’t remember the episode – dammit) where at the last minutes, Queen Elizabeth walks in and sees the Doctor, and orders his execution, of which the Doctor doesn’t understand.

The reason for this might be because of the 50th anniversary, where the Doctor loves up with Queen Elizabeth I, and something goes wrong which angers her. Then, in the Doctor’s past, in the Shakespeare episode, the future Queen Elizabeth sees the past Doctor, and orders his death because of it. Basically, a scenario similar to that of River Song, or what is known by Whovians as “wibbly wobbly timey-wimey”.

5. The 10th Doctor must be the human Doctor that lived with Rose after the “two-way biological metacrisis”
Of course, it would be very difficult for a past regeneration of the Doctor to appear back on the show. Therefore, the writer’s may have used a loophole of using the human version of the Doctor to reintroduce David Tennant’s role. If this is true, then this may be how Rose is reintroduced.

6. Queen Elizabeth I sees or has links to Galifrey/the Time War:
A teaser video released by Doctor Who shows the unveiling of “Elizabeth’s credentials”, which apparently is a picture of Galifrey on fire. Obviously the Time War, so how does she know?

7. UNIT and The Zygons return:

Lastly, a plain fact to finish off with. Although the reason for the Zygon’s return is unknown, it is obvious that UNIT are involved, as they often do get involved when something big in Doctor Who goes on. Also because the above video sees the head of UNIT (as she appeared in the recent Cybermen episode) in a shot, as well as the Zygon, they’re both back!

Looking forward to it now! Only 15 days left!



4 thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor: Final Predictions (SPOILERS)

  1. Throwing this out there, I don’t think it has to be the meta-crisis doctor returning. Hurt’s doctor is obviously a past doctor and he is in scenes with 10 and 11 so I think this could actually be 10


    • Hey! Thanks for the comment! Possibly, but it may lead to a more complex explanation… Since the present Doctor (Matt Smith) has already “lived” the 10th regeneration, it would have to have a confusing explanation for him to come back. In terms of simplicity, it might be the better option.

      Also, it allows Moffat to bring back Rose in the process, as they do both live in the parallel universe.

      But I like your idea! We shall see…


  2. It’s been confirmed months ago by Moffat that it is the actual 10 we are seeing. Now Moffat & co. have gloriously lied for our benefit, but there’s many other confirmations to be found: every clip/trailer we’ve seen implies the real 10, plus he had the sonic screwdriver which human 10 wouldn’t have, plus he’s wearing the brown suit whereas human 10 would have a real wardrobe, plus John hurts past comments about the “3 doctor trinity”, plus a dozen other things – let me know if yer still not convinced cuz I’m not really sure how yer still thinking human 10 this late in the game.


    • Thanks for your comment. I believe it is the meta-crisis Doctor on the grounds of it saving Moffat from a more complicated explanation (how can the real 10th Doctor appear when the Doctor is already in his 11th regeneration?). Also, bearing in mind that Rose will be returning (obviously from her parallel universe), it would seem convenient for Moffat to bring the meta-crisis Doctor back into the picture.

      Regarding the comment about the screwdriver, it may be that he gained one after the meta-crisis took place (possibly off camera). I understand that he also wore the blue suit whilst the real Doctor wore the brown suit. However, there is the opportunity he just “got” another brown suit…

      Also, I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything about Moffat confirming this, not about John Hurt’s comments too, so I’m going to stick with my idea. Sorry.


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