The NCS Experience: Part Two

So after the four-day residential, we returned to our local area to do a further three days of “skills building” and planning towards our social action plan. This involved team-building and discussions before beginning to organise our social action plan in depth.

On our first day, we did team-building, games and songwriting. We also developed our public speaking skills (to an extent) by performing a song or rap in front of our team. The second day saw us planning our social action project. This involved planning ideas and developing them. In the end we settled on an idea which we developed on our third and final day. I was tasked as being a member of the team involved with publicity and finance for the project.

This will probably be the last post on NCS for a while, but stick around for further updates!



2 thoughts on “The NCS Experience: Part Two

  1. When did they tell you your ‘skill’? When I registered, I chose 3 different skills to develop and I haven’t found out what skill is chosen for me. I’m doing my NCS part 1 this Saturday!


    • Oh, that’s great – have fun! Unfortunately it’s been years since I did NCS and so I can’t remember the exact details.

      As far as I’m aware, I don’t remember anything about skills apart from these skills-building sessions – sorry!

      I hope you enjoy NCS.


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