Why I’m NOT doing NaNoWriMo…

So, it is exactly 12 days till NaNoWriMo, or “NaNo” for short. But, after seeing two articles about NOT doing it this year, I’m following the idea of not doing it this year…

Why? Well, the articles did have an influence on my decision, but there’s also other factors. First off, is that there is an element of rushing to the whole process (50,000 words in one month is quite manic), which, as my current WIP is one which I would like to take seriously, I’d rather not do.

Also, NaNo encourages “pantsing” in order to finish the novel, which isn’t always great for someone who has gone back to plotting a lot. Linking with that, having to refresh my memory every day to keep me up-to-date on my progress can take a chunk out of my precious NaNo writing time.

As well as that, there is a certain degree of pressure when it comes to NaNo. There’s that certain rule where you must write every day in order to to complete the novel, and it’s that which can destroy the fun of writing for me. When it comes to my writing as well, I’m known to give up on ideas should I get a lack of motivation, so making writing a chore is not the best option for me.

But on more valid excuses, I have just started my A-Levels which would demand a lot of my time, and I also have other things which are more important, so my actual writing time won’t be much, and of course, education matters (as much as a possible career in writing can be nice…)

So instead, I shall be taking my time on my current WIP, and shall always keep you updated… But regarding my return to NaNo, maybe next year…



3 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT doing NaNoWriMo…

  1. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Your writing should ALWAYS come first and if NaNo is not going to help your writing, then why bother? I find that when I do NaNo it helps me to be more spontaneous and brave with my characters and my writing. Because I am operating on ‘seat of my pants’ noveling, I find myself having to be innovative in ways I usually am not in order to push the story forward and keep it moving.
    Good luck to you with your current project. I’d love to read some of your work someday. Even just a sample.
    By the way, I know you were interested in contributing to that Ten To One thing, but did you follow it and keep up with it at all?


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