Doctor Who 50th Trailer (REVIEW)

After it was released on Saturday, the trailer for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary episode, entitled The Day of the Doctor, has created some excitement. However, a few fans have been left confused and annoyed at how the teaser video has done little to reveal what the teaser episode involves.

The video, seen above, shows a collection of villains throughout the 11 doctors. So, with that in mind, is the video more of a flashback than that of a teaser?

First of all, when it comes to the pictures that Doctor Who on Twitter released in previous months (which I mentioned in this post), is there anything that can be suggested which coincides with this?

As well as the team at the BBC releasing the trailer, they later teased further by writing a post on their site which showed 11 things they noticed in the trailer (which, after searching for reference, appears to be no longer available). From memory, there are 4 things they mentioned which are of interest and may feature in the episode.

1. The Tardis Key:

According to the comments on the BBC link, back in previous episodes of the programme, the key would signify when the TARDIS has fully repaired itself. How this could be related to the 50th anniversary episode is through a rumour that the episode could span back to individual episodes. In particular, one question was raised about the episode going as far back as to the Pandorica episodes, and about why the Tardis was destroyed in that episode. Could it be that the key prompts this?

2. A Dalek Spaceship:

The Daleks already being confirmed as appearing on the episode, with a nod to the Time War. But what else could be suggested from the trailer is that London will be involved. Since the Dalek ship can be seen hovering around Big Ben, it could suggest that previous filming around Trafalgar Square and the image of the Shard in the trailer could be linked. Also, after Daleks were around Big Ben earlier this year for a special occasion (though I don’t know what), perhaps it could be that the Daleks take a visit to London perhaps?

3. The Master’s Screwdriver:

Once again, this could either be for flashback purposes, or a hint at the anniversary, but could The Master possibly return? Or, at least, could the screwdriver make a return?

4. The Fob Watch:

A subtle prop that has been appearing every so often is that of the fob watch. Seen in the episodes where the Doctor becomes human (named after his alias John Smith) to protect himself from an enemy. In this episode, entitled Human Nature, the Doctor’s memories and Time Lord self are stored in the watch. As well as that, The Master also uses the fob watch to create his own human version of himself, known as Professor Yana. Despite the actor that portrays The Master, John Simm, denying that he will return in the anniversary episode, could the prop return, as well as the Master?

So one again we are left rather clueless as to what the 50th Anniversary special will involve plot-wise, but we may have a small idea as to what will happen. As for the video, I guess it has done nothing more than tease Whovians worldwide.

I guess all we can do is wait for the 23rd November…



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