Weekly Update: My Book, Another Book, and Torus

Hello! So first of all, there has been some exciting news. After much planning and re-planning and organising plot holes and all that nonsense, I have finished planning part one of my book!

OK, so to recap, I had two other ideas that could be follow-on sequels. However, I only managed to come up with ideas for 20 chapters (which is not so good, as on average, I get around 1,700 words done per chapter). This would then lead to around 30,000 words, quite a fair bit shy of what agents and editors like to see – around 60,000 is good.

So, with that in mind, I decided to merge my sequel ideas into the same book, creating a three part book, each with around 20 chapters. This would then lead to me reaching my 60,000 word goal, which is good.

Going back to the exciting news, part one of three is now planned! So now I can quickly plan the last two parts before the exciting times come of writing it. Huzzah!

In Other News:

This “another book” I am referring to in the title is that of a rhyming dictionary. After seeing one recently I was rather overjoyed to find they exist (I tried searching for one ages ago, but to no avail). So I went and ordered it, and since it arrived on the doormat, it has been such a big help!

“Torus”, by the way, is Sub Focus’ new album, which I reviewed the previews recently. However, after getting the album I can provide a nice review of the overall album. That will be my Musical Discovery post for tomorrow, so you can look forward to that!

Have a good week!



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