The ‘Elementary’ Review (Part Two – SPOILERS)

This review comes after a review I did a few months ago in July. You can view that review by clicking here!

So this review comes after noticing a little notice when on my TV saying that Elementary was currently on TV, however, I taped them without knowing that they were the last two episodes and not the whole series. But still, I watched the two – I later realised – final episodes of the series. I was intrigued even further with the promise that two of the most known characters (aside from Sherlock and Watson), would feature in the two episodes: Irene Adler and Moriarty.

Or shall I say, Moriarty or Irene Adler, as the series finale saw a rather weird revelation. In this adaptation of the detective’s adventures, they are the same people!

But before that, I looked to see if the relationship had grown between Sherlock and Watson throughout the series. Nope, nothing more than the occasional argument, which is expected. But I was hoping, now that Watson is depicted as a woman, that there would be a possible room for a relationship. Still nothing. Though I presume that they’re making a wise move, as I don’t know how other fans would react to the news…

Now, back to the revelation of Irene Adler and Moriarty being the same person… This completely shocked me, for a variety of reasons listed below:

1. Irene Adler and Moriarty have two different personalities! Irene Adler is a flirtatious and deceptive blackmailer, whilst Moriarty is an unpredictable psychopath! They contradict!

2. Irene was not close to Sherlock (like the penultimate episode portrays), they did not help each other in the book, and even so, Sherlock would not fall in love with Irene as much as he did in the episode!

3. If Irene Adler and Moriarty were the same people in Conan Doyle’s books, a master plan would be different to the one in the episode!

Basically, so many mistakes!

As well as that, throughout the series Moriarty is known simply as: Moriarty. Book wise, it is well-known that his full name is James (or in Sherlock, “Jim”) Moriarty. So the chances are that the constant refusal to refer to Moriarty’s first name is a downfall of casting Moriarty as a female character. What surprises me is that they did quite a clever trick with transferring John Watson to Joan Watson, so it’s annoying in a way that they couldn’t be inventive with a different first name… What about Jane Moriarty? I mean, come on.

What also annoyed me was the absence of a grand master plan by Moriarty. Instead she was more interested in a much more dull plan for a season finale. Overall the plot was a disappointment.

But in positive news, Johnny Lee Miller did a good job of playing the role well in these two episodes, further showing the complexity of the character.

In the last few moments, it ends with Moriarty being caught in a hospital. First off, this is rather disappointing compared to the BBC Sherlock‘s stories. Each time Sherlock meets with Moriarty, it ends with a surprising deduction by Sherlock that leads to him getting the upper hand. In this case, it’s hardly Sherlock’s wit that saves the day, more Moriarty’s stupid mistake of going into a public hospital. Now, come on, everyone knows that Moriarty has the knowledge and common sense to not turn herself in… Ridiculous…

However, I suppose it ended alright, with Sherlock deciding to name a new type of bee after Watson… But yet again, I guess it describes the dullness of their friendship.

I have heard that a second series has been commissioned, but I’m afraid I shall not be watching it. BBC Sherlock has the winning drama for me…



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