Liam to Return to Novel-Writing | The Friday Article

After a few weeks at school and dealing with work, Liam O’Dell, blogger at The Life of a Thinker, is happy to announce his return to writing his next, and first, book.

Three weeks ago saw the aspiring writer go back to school, which saw his time be taken up by school work, decreasing the amount of time he had to read and write his book he intends to publish.

But now, Liam hopes to get back to writing the novel, claiming that the break from writing has left him feeling motivated and creative.

He said. “There comes a point where taking a break from something helps. In this case, looking over the novel with reflection has lead to more ideas.”

However, the problem comes with planning the novel itself.

He added. “Chapters are always hard to sort out. At the moment, I’m just creating and developing ideas.”

Liam hopes to continue working on the novel, and is unsure about whether he may write the book during NaNoWriMo. He once again stresses that he will keep everyone updated.



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