Weekly Update: Why Calendars are helpful…

Hi everyone, another week has passed… Rather quickly in fact, but yet again the famous saying does say: “time flies when you’re having fun“. I found that to be true regarding this week. But it can also be adapted to say “time flies when you’re busy“, because after this week, it sure feels that way.

I am still in Sixth Form, which is going well. But of course, this is the stage where deadlines are important. In the past, forgetting your homework “because the dog ate it” would be OK in middle/secondary school, so long as you caught up on the work or understood the topic discussed. But it’s now where GCSE’s are involved, and A-Levels, and “because the dog ate it” is not a good excuse anymore. So instead come the word deadlines, which is much more serious, formal and severe. Excuses no longer work as you have been told ages in advance, and the only answer to not doing it is pure laziness/procrastination.

So how do I do it?…Calendars.

But not just for school deadlines. With every activity and event that wants me to be there, I place it in the calendar (electronic one of course), and it is so helpful! And regarding the deadlines, they’re rather handy actually as should I wish to become a journalist, deadlines will of course be a normal thing in the hectic life of newspaper journalism – so it all helps!

In Other News:

You may remember me saying in my post yesterday (see below if not!) that I am reading some books from my A-Level English Literature reading list. I gave up on the first, and have just finished the second. I enjoyed it, overall, but it came to a point where I was looking to find the end of the chapter so I knew how much left I had to read before the chapter ended. But the concept of the story intrigued me, the ending was disappointing, but I liked the air of mystery to the book.

Next stop, The Life of Pi. I shall let you know how I get on…

Have a good week!



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