The Teenage Years: Confusing Life Plans

This post is not an update as such (see Friday’s post), but it’s more a reflection on the manic life that has become through me being a teenager.

Joining upper school was serious. It was a warning sign to everyone that basically: Alright guys, you messed around in primary school, but now it’s serious. Scary things such as the initialism GCSE are constantly mentioned, and you realise that this is the point in your life where how well you do now affects your future… And that’s pretty scary…

It’s shown in the lessons too, from the simple Maths lessons about 1+1=2 in primary school, it was now y=mx+c… How?! It’s the same with others too. English is now about analysing literature and reading literary classics. It’s becoming more serious, and they are treating us like adults (which, of course, they should do, it’s just the pressure that’s worrying).

The GCSE’s are then put out of the way, and then it is 6th Form, and looking at University after that. This is where I am at currently and it’s rather daunting. Already I’m thinking about whether the courses I’m taking (ICT, English literature, Use of Maths, and Communication and Culture) will get me studying what I want to study at university (journalism and/or PR – though there is no clear path for this).

So I am now currently searching for universities in the UK that offer good university courses for journalism and/or PR, so if you know any, let me know! Then there’s other problems like understanding the courses, what UCAS points I can get from them, and whether they’re good enough (Communication and Culture is rather modern and many universities raise their eyebrows when they see it on an application).

But I’m hoping it gets sorted. Once it is done, it should be relatively easy. I am really enthusiastic about my subjects, and of course that will lead to increased efforts. It’s just what lies ahead that is the worrying part…


On a more positive note, I am enjoying 6th Form, and it’s becoming rather busy in terms of work and homework. So because of that, sorry if I am rather absent on here. I will try to blog when I can!

Have a good week!



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