A Day of Technology and Creativity at The O2 Arena

At the O2 Arena in London, today saw tech-lovers from across Europe unite to explore all things involving technology. I was there thanks to NCS, and was able to have a look at some of the gadgets there. Here is the low-down on what happened on the day.

The event first started with a complex and intriguing speech by a member of the MIT about the importance and the power of data. This intrigued me on the grounds of how we can interpret facts and figures in a way which allows us to gain a strong insight into how human beings function.

This was then followed by a look at some of the stalls there. Here are my mini reviews of one I saw:

O2’s 4G:

It seems revolutionary, however, revolutionary comes at a cost. So it is likely that it will be costly to buy. But it also amazed me to find that the 4G router was wireless, very small, and had a radius reach of a maximum of 40 metres. Despite the fact that is is likely to be expensive, it looks like a good bit of kit.

After that we then had lunch in very nice O2 deck chairs outside in the mini garden. It was after lunch when we got given a Think Big School session by O2’s Think Big scheme. This involved us going into small teams to come up with our own app/media ideas that would solve everyday problems. We were then taught how to develop our chosen idea further before pitching it to fellow peers.

Overall this was an interesting session. After my constant love for ideas and creativity, I learnt a lot about developing ideas into big, realistic ones.

The session also saw speeches by speakers which kept us motivated and inspired throughout the entire session. The session in total was a good seminar and I left with a lot of ideas.

Once the session was finished, we were given time to approach media services, which included companies operating in blogging, youth employment and work experience, and app developing. All of which were interesting things to find out more about.

It was just around 5pm when I was told the event would be nearing a close. It saw me leave with my love for technology and creativity strengthened.

But of course I could not go without thanking NCS who were the ones that let me go down to the O2 today. For those who don’t know, NCS is the National Citizen Service, an organisation which gets young people aged 16-17 out on adventure courses before letting them create their own projects to raise money for local charities. Even better, it can even go on their CV!

For more information, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Many thanks again to the people at NCS and O2 – I had a great day.


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