Filling a Blank Canvas

So the other day I was in a marketplace and a store which sold general gifts and as well as that, paintings. The pictures varied from VW Campers, to photographs of coastal areas, and two in particular, where colourful paintings of animals.

The two pictures were of a giraffe, but rather than the giraffe having its normal colours, it is replaced with vibrant colours on the giraffe’s spots. This was similar with the other drawing, which was of the zebra, where the zebra’s stripes were replaced with multiple colours.

At first I appreciated the ideology behind the two images, and then decided that of the two, the zebra would look good on my bedroom wall. However, problems occurred when I was reminded of the fact that I would then have to take it home, where I was actually going to put it, and in order to buy it for *sharp intake of breath* £19.99, I would have to really like it. So in the end, I gave up on the painting, but it wasn’t long before I had an idea as to another method to get a painting in my bedroom.

Currently, the wall where I wish to place it in my bedroom is currently occupied with certificates of achievement (such as my drum grade certificates), and so to keep both up would cause a problem when it comes to space on the wall. So instead, I’ve decided to leave (when I get it) one frame for my Grade 8 certificate in Drums.

Now, to the matters of the painting itself. I later had an idea where I could paint a drawing myself for my wall (it would be a picture I love, and I did it myself! Not to mention the fact it would be significantly cheaper). However, I am stuck for ideas as to what I can paint…

The ideas I have currently include a musical painting, a painting version of my blog’s logo and a seaside picture. I’m not sure though. So I thought I would ask you guys. Have you got any ideas? Comment below!



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