Musical Discovery returns!

Yep! You read that right! Back by popular demand (and for those who answered the survey and said they liked it), Music Monday/Musical Discovery is back!

So it will still be the same, some songs I have discovered over the past weeks will be mentioned and reviewed, but to have a little bit of Music Monday to it, it will be 5 songs that I discovered…

But since this is the RETURN, it’ll be ten, because I like doing surprising stuff when it comes to announcements…

Love Me Again – John Newman

Strong piano playing and sophisticated drum parts create a good song by the debut artist. The lyrics sung by the talented Mr. Newman create a confident song, with a nice catchy chorus to make it a song worthy of its number one success. I discovered this song when I saw it was number one, but didn’t get the time to listen to the song, but when it featured on the Now 85 disc we owned I liked it.

The Other SIde – Jason Derülo

This song is from when we were in Florida, and was played a lot on the radio whilst I was out there. I love the song’s dance feel created by a guitar and dubstep sounding piano part, and a simple drum beat throughout the chorus. The vocals of Jason add to the greatness with very cleverly performed high notes. A great dance anthem.

Treasure – Bruno Mars (Explicit)

This song was also a “Florida song” and is clear to listeners that this is part of his latest album, Unorthodox Jukebox, as it follows the same type of music in this song from the musician. The song has nice fantasy elements, with chime bells and electronic-like guitar parts in areas. The drum part also sets a nice tempo for the track as well with funky drum fills. A very good addition to the album.

Still Into You – Paramore

I heard this song a while back and instantly liked it. The song has a slightly complex drum part and sees other instruments combine to form a great rock single from the band. As well as that, each instrument has their own points in the song where they have complex riffs or solos (such as the drums and guitars). As well as this, the vocal talents of Hayley Williams is once again brilliant in the song and adds to the track’s rock feel.

Play Hard – David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo and Akon

This song caught my attention a while back when it appeared in the UK Top 40 charts. I really like the track and David Guetta’s work. The song has a very funky electronic underlay underneath Ne-Yo and Akon’s vocals (both of which are good in the song). The song’s chorus has a catchy electronic interlude which makes the song a great dance anthem and explains the song’s success in the charts.

It’s a Beautiful Day – Michael Bublé

This song was another I heard a lot of in Florida, and I have always liked Bublé’s work. The song sees the typical style Michael adopts in his music, with a large amount of brass instruments featuring in the song. As well as that, Michael’s vocals continue to add the song’s jazzy feel. As well as that, the song has a great feel-good groove to it in the chorus, which coincides with the song’s title.

Chocolate – The 1975

The song has two combining guitar parts which create a holiday feel. I heard this song on the Now 85 disc and instantly knew it would be one of my favourite songs from the album. The ease at which the drummer plays their fills and riffs add to the song’s off-beat and funky jive. A great song which I thoroughly recommend, and this is my first discovery of The 1975, so you can expect me to look into more of their singles in the future.

This Is What it Feels Like – Armin Van Buuuren feat. Trevor Guthrie

I heard this song a while back and was unsure about getting it, but when I realised it was on the Now 85 I was glad. When I got to hear it in full, I liked the large amount of electronic parts in the song. As well as that, Guthrie’s vocals are a great edition to the song. The chorus is good as well as it doubles as a dance melody as well as a nice electronic interlude for the song.

Goin’ Crazy – Dizzee Rascal feat. Robbie Williams

This song was in the charts a while back and I think the collaboration between the two of them works greatly. Robbie’s vocals combine perfectly with Dizzee’s rapping. The song has a catchy chorus, which can be because of the song’s repetitive musical parts, such as the repeated guitar riff and the continuous piano chords.

Walks Like Rihanna – The Wanted

The song almost begins with a woodwind introduction of the chorus, before the band commences with their vocals, which is great. The chorus also adds to the song, with a forceful guitar and drum part as well as the high-pitched parts of the chorus which makes the song more impressive. This song was also on the Now 85 disc, although I did hear it a while back. The song is a great return for the band.

Got any songs that I haven’t mentioned? Comment below and I’ll give them a listen and I’ll mention you in the blog post as a way of thanks! Comment below!



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