GCSE Results

So today has been a monumental day not just in history, but for my life. Today, at 9am, I received my GCSE results – results that would change my life forever…

Oh OK, without this sounding like some massive action movie (although it was intense), I did rather well. I love my English, so I was well chuffed when I found out I did well with that, as that is my chosen career path. Yay!

Then when it came to my other exams, they all went well. Maths, Business Studies, Drama, French, Religious Studies I all did well in.

Other surprise moments including getting the result I knew I was going to get in ICT (which I am happy with), getting a B in Geography despite doing only Foundation papers (where the highest grade is a C, how this works I don’t know…), and last of all, Science.

Now you may remember me saying I HATE Science, well this is what surprised me on this part. First of all I got a B in both Science and Additional Science (once again, baffling), and then I found out in one of my papers (Physics), I got an A*! How on earth did that happen!

So I’m laughing now because I remember being so stubborn about Science and wanting to do Foundation papers just so I could get an easy pass and get it over and done with. Now I’ve got a B I guess my fellow Science students and everyone has the right to tell me “I told you so!”.

But anyway, I’m really happy with my results overall, and I am having a curry later on to celebrate!

Did you get your results today? Let me know how you did in the comments! Also, good luck if you are going to get them, and congratulations if you have!



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