Weekly Update: Writing and Conferences

So it is Sunday, time for another weekly update, and once again, I have been busy…

Most of all, I have been doing well regarding my book. Yesterday I had a brainwave regarding my latest book, and it was fortunate that I had my Harry Potter notebook (see below – it is awesome) with me as I was in a car park, nowhere near home, and that idea could have been easily forgotten. So, the moral of that story is: take a notebook with you everywhere you go!


Now, the book itself… I have currently done 17 out of 60 chapters (around 28%), which includes the first 12 chapters and the last 5 chapters of the book planned. So what this means is that my worse fears have come true: I know have plot-holes, and a gaping hole in the middle of my plot…

Fortunately, I have been told by many people, both in person and online that sub-plots are the answers, and that is what I am doing. So now I am coming up with ideas for sub-plots, and it’s going well… So far, so good. As always, I shall keep you updated…

In other news…

A lot of people are going to festivals at the moment in the UK. At the moment Reading and Leeds is coming up, the V Festival is on, and this weekend sees Summer in the City take place in London. I sadly am not going to any of these festivals, but it did get me thinking…

I raised this same question a while back on Facebook and on a previous blog post, but I have a feeling that there needs to be more conventions for bloggers.

Already in the current festival market, there is a lot for vlogging, gatherings, music, fashion and gaming, but there isn’t that many festivals/gatherings/conventions/conferences for bloggers, and personally, that sucks…

Though I remember that WordPress did organise a while back a competition regarding gatherings where they would have WordPress parties and they would give WordPress badges and goodies to parties with more than a certain number. However, there isn’t really that many for bloggers which aim at a much wider audience.

Already, I know that BlogHer is a mainstream gathering for female bloggers that took place rather recently, but apart from that, there isn’t many conferences that talk about the different elements of blogging. For example, there could be opportunities to guest blog, start up a blog, attend panels on how to get more views… Blogging is a large area for opportunity, and can provide a lot of ideas for a festival.

So what I’m thinking about is of a convention/gathering for bloggers, internationally, where people can come and talk about all things blogging, such as getting blog post ideas, blog names, getting Featured/Freshly Pressed, and much more!

And since blogging is a wide business, businesses like Blogger and WordPress could be in attendance, and bring their expertise to the convention!

Has this already been done, or does this need to be done? Let me know if there is such a convention, otherwise, I’ll get my thinking cap on, as I might be on to something!

Have a good week!


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