Liam starts planning his novel | The Friday Article

Blogger for The Life of a Thinker, Liam O’Dell, has announced that he is in the next stages of completing his first ever book which he hopes to publish.

The aspiring novelist started work on his novel yesterday, and saw him design a chart of what is to happen in each chapter. So far he has planned the first six chapters, and the last two.

“I know it may not seem much at the moment.” Liam admitted. “But it’s a start. It’s good to know what the beginning and end of the novel will be. Once I have that sorted, I can start planning the middle section – the bridge that will join the beginning to the end.”

Liam has always been hesitant to plan the book since having the idea. Since the idea’s inception, Liam has been mostly generating ideas for the novel rather than planning. Liam claims that this is because plot holes make him give up on a novel. However, this time Liam is insistent that he won’t give up.

“I plan to make the book a trilogy, so I have a lot of ideas and wouldn’t give up on the book. Also, the book sees a lot of recycled ideas, so I am much more confident about it.”

Liam promises his blog followers that he will keep them updated.



6 thoughts on “Liam starts planning his novel | The Friday Article

  1. That’s great Liam! Planning the book is a good idea. Otherwise one can end up writing toward a never ending story. Knowing the beginning and the end is a great start for novel writing. I often find my books end up changing their beginnings and endings as I write, and just go with the flow of it until it’s all done. I look forward to hearing more about your book. 🙂


    • Thank you Ashley! I agree, so planning is always good. So far it’s going very well! 10 out of 60 chapters planned so far! Yay progress!

      I should hopefully reveal more about it soon! I always keep my followers updated! 🙂


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