A Couple of Updates

So today I’ve got a couple of updates for you today. First of all, over the weekend, from Friday to Monday, I went on a PGL course. For those who don’t know, PGL is an adventure course which sees people do activities such as kayaking, abseiling, zipwire and so on. I went along with this as part of the St. John Ambulance.

The activities involved me going kayaking (in which I didn’t capsize), abseiling, rock-climbing, archery, problem solving, trapeze, podium climbing (which they named ‘All Abord”), High-Ropes and much more!

But also, not to mention that I had some few hours of spare time, which involved me checking my phone for emails and such (something I rarely do) and I got round to reading more of the 1,000 page Sherlock Holmes book! I am also happy to say that I am now a quarter of the way through it! Woohoo!

Overall though, I had a great time making new friends, hanging out and enjoying the activities. We even played games and one night had a campfire. Overall, it was a great experience. Many thanks to PGL for having us!

Writing Update:

So upon returning from PGL, I had some time to write down more of my book in my Hogwarts notebook (which is awesome). A weekend away had definitely given me time to think and have a little rest from the book, which is always good. So when I returned yesterday, I got back to writing a mini-synopsis in my notebook about what was going to happen in the book.

What was great was that by the end of Monday, I had completed the mini-synopsis! Now I am ready for individual chapter planning, which I am anticipating. I can then use the synopsis to help me plan the chapters, and then when that is done, I can do the actual writing, which will be absolutely amazing!

As always, I shall keep you posted,



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