The 12th Doctor to be revealed on Live Show | The Friday Article

Reports on Thursday said that an announcement by Steven Moffatt would be made at midnight that same day. It was then revealed at midnight that the announcement was of a live show that will take place this Sunday, in which the actor or actress that will play the Twelfth Doctor will be revealed.

The show, entitled Doctor Who Live, will see the show’s writer, Moffat, discuss how difficult and challenging the role is, alongside previous actors that have played the role and the current Doctor, Matt Smith.

Since the announcement in June that Matt Smith was to leave to leave the show, fans have been speculating about who will be next to play The Doctor. Fans remain undecided about who they believe will play the role, and some are hoping that this time, The Doctor will be played by a woman. However, the show will end speculation as the role will be revealed on Sunday, rather than it be announced in an episode.

The show will be broadcast live from 7pm in the UK with host Zoe Ball, and fans in the US will be able to watch the show as well.

An advertisement for the show has been released from the BBC, which can be viewed here and a press release from the BBC describing the show in more detail can be found here.



2 thoughts on “The 12th Doctor to be revealed on Live Show | The Friday Article

  1. It’ll be interesting to see who they pick — a well-known, established actor or a newcomer. I’d like to see what the new actor does with the role — since I’ve been watching the show we’ve had cool Doctor (Eccleston), zest-for-life Doctor (Tennant) and zany Doctor (Smith). Hmmmmm…..


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