Weekly Update: Busy, and 10,000 Views!

Hi everyone! So firstly, sorry for posting this today instead of yesterday. But as the title suggests, I have been super busy this week! I went to a Journalism Course on Tuesday this week which was awesome and left me inspired about my writing and me wanting to be a journalist in the future.

The week also saw me come back from Florida, and so I have had to deal with jetlag throughout this week. But it has been good, but busy. Busy is good though, so I’m having a great week!

Now, about the other news… I’VE REACHED 10,000 ALL TIME VIEWS!!!

So I checked my Stats today, and it happily told me that I had reached 10,000 all time views! To think that I have been blogging for nearly a year now, and I have reached 10,000 views is an honour. I am humbled that you keep coming back to this blog to read my blog posts. Thank you so much!

So far, I have no ideas as to what I can do to celebrate, but you can expect some more great posts coming up soon! Thanks for stopping by!



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