Things Britain Should Borrow from America

So whilst in America, I’ve seen a lot of things that Britain could do with having, because there are amazing things in America that could come in handy if the UK was to borrow them.

1. The Walmart Plastic Bag Swivel Thingy…

Sorry, I can’t find a picture or the actual name for it, but there is a thing in Walmart where the cashier can put your goods straight into the bags and swivel it round for you to put back in the trolley after it is scanned! That is a great idea! For us, it prevents the difficult and often awkward task of having to stand there and hold up the queue whilst we put a large amount of goods in plastic bags. We need this!

2. More Free Wi-fi Hotspots!

Believe me, I was taking my phone with me wherever we went, and most of the time we had free wifi! It’s always a nice thing – free Wi-Fi, but sadly in Britain, you don’t get many of them, and most aren’t even free and you have to ask for a passcode.

3. More Memorable Parking Spaces!

Sure, most people know where they parked their car, but theme parks make it all the more helpful by giving each sector of a car park a character. For example, one section of parking in Universal Orlando was ET, and another at Disney’s Magical Kingdom had different sections, one being Heroes and another Villains, we were in Scar and Jafar. It was much easier to remember. We don’t have it in England, we need it there!

4. More Visual Experiences!

I’ve been to a lot of parks and a lot of them have sights you can see rather than just having rides. As a person that doesn’t like rides much, having stuff you can see and interact with is always a good thing. Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure is great as you can actually see and enter shops, and even see Hogwarts itself!

5. A Live Show at a Theme Park

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you could go and see the American Idol Experience, which was like seeing the show live. There was also Fear Factor Live at Universal Orlando, which was awesome to see the stunts live. I think it’d be great if a famous UK TV show set up a live version of the show at a theme park. There’s always something great about seeing a show live,

Those were my 5, but if you’re from the UK and have been to America, feel free to comment with your add-ons!



4 thoughts on “Things Britain Should Borrow from America

  1. Fun post, Liam! I’m glad you had a good visit here in the states. I love the UK and so let me reverse the observation. 1. US would do better to shorten the list of TV options. UK fewer choices, but in the states, one could spend an hour just trying to find something to watch and invariably “nothing’s on”. 2. US should adopt snooker and darts as a national past time. 3. US breakfast should be egg, beans, tomato wedge and toast done on one side. 4. The never-ending cups of tea–and those biscuits! Yum.


    • YES! I was hoping one of my followers would do the opposite, so I’m glad you did it! 🙂 Feel free to write a blog post about it if you like! 🙂

      I have to say that over here the TV shows are diversified over here. So you’re right there. Darts and snooker are good over here, but I don’t think we’ve had a championship over here again for a while… I’m with you on the “Full English”! It’s great to have every once in a while… Tea and biscuits are always good.

      Glad you liked the post! Thanks for commenting with your suggestions for the US! 🙂


  2. I had no idea that people in the world had to live without the swirly bag thingy. 🙂 It’s so convenient! Plus, you’d definitely lose your car in Disneyland if they didn’t do those character parking lots. 🙂

    What a fun idea for a post! 😀


    • Yep. Over here in Britain we don’t have them. Instead, we have to get the bags ourselves and put the shopping in as quick as we can. It’s much more awkward and inconvenient!

      You’re right there! It’s quite easy to remember a character or person, but in Britain we have only numbers or letters, which can easily be forgotten!

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you liked the post! 🙂


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