The Florida Diary

Day One (Well…) of Florida!

Hi guys. So for the last two weeks, I have been on holiday to FLORIDA! It was my first time in the States so was a but unsure what to expect. But my, it was awesome! The first day (well, when we got there… You know what I mean, American time) was a bit hectic at first, but it was so great!

We had to get up pretty early, we got some things sorted regarding packing before we got driven to our local airport. Then there was all the usual airport stuff (and oh, McDonald’s for lunch), before we boarded our flight.

Then for the next 9 hours, I had to entertain myself. This mostly involved me browsing the in-flight entertainment system. I went on a few games, and watched some TV shows too (including Elementary – a blog post about that will be up soon!). I read a bit of my Sherlock book (woohoo!) and the latest edition of Writing Magazine, which had an article about writing on holiday in it – how convenient! We also had food on the flight, which included a very delicious Chicken Korma. After all that, wasn’t long before our flight landed, and we were in Florida!

It then took a while to get our hire car sorted, but then we were on the road, on route to our villa. Beautiful views passed by, and an American radio station was on playing calm and relaxing music. It was wonderful.

We then found our villa, which was nice, and then went in search of dinner. We had a Subway, did some shopping, and then drove back to the villa for a swim. To summarise, our first day (ish) in Florida was AWESOME!

Day Two: Seaworld – A lot to Sea:

So today we ventured to SeaWorld, which was good. We entered the park after sorting out the tickets, and then we entered the park.

It satisfied me to know, as a person that doesn’t like roller coasters that much, that there were shows that you could see. We saw the infamous Shamu, the killer whale, a sea lion show, and a show with dolphins and parrots. They were all awesome!

When we were done with the park, I bought a Shamu keyring as a souvenir before we went home (back to the villa), where we had fajitas, watched some American TV and had a swim in the pool.

Day Three: Fun Shopping for Mall!

Since we were jetlagged today, we got up late, and so we couldn’t do a park. But instead, we went to a local mall to do a bit of shopping. This saw me get new shoes, a funny t-shirt that says my first computer was a pencil (my sense of humour is funny like that – excuse the pun), and new headphones.

That was all we did today, so after that we went to the villa for dinner, a swim, and some TV.

Day Four: Islands of Adventure

Today we returned to doing theme parks. The park this time was Universal’s Islands of Adventure, famous for their Wizarding World of Harry Potter section. We went there first after parking our car (and what amused me was that they character-coded the car park – we were in the ET section).

But anyway, back to Harry Potter, we only had a look at everything rather than go on any rides because of the large amount of people there. So we decided to come back later. However we did have a look at the shops, which saw me get confused as to which Hogwarts house I am in. But I later decided I was in Ravenclaw, after seeing a Ravenclaw shirt with the word “wise” on it. I thought that would be me, as I am a thinker overall! Though, I might have to do the Pottermore quiz soon to confirm it officially. (Which house are you? – Let me know in the comments!). I also bought a very nice Hogwarts notebook!

We then went to all the other sections. They were all really good for a sightseer as there were a lot of photo opportunities. The three rides I went on were Jurassic Park River Adventure, Flight of the Hippogriff and the general Harry Potter one. They were all good, and the Harry Potter section was great for me as a Potter fan! They even had little features from the films! Hagrid’s house, the crashed flying car Ron drove, and Hogwarts itself. It was a great experience. We also saw a Sinbad stunt show, which was very good.

Then we went home quickly before going out for pizza. We then had a swim in the pool and watched a bit of Paul Blart: Mall Cop on TV.

Day Five: Aquatica

So today saw us go to our first water park in Florida. It was Aquatica, and was great! They had a variety of rides and wave machines too so it was great for me! I went on most rides, however it did take a while for some as the rides closed temporarily a few times due to thunderstorms, but we managed to get on most of the rides, and it was a great day!

We then went to a nearby Walmart to buy our dinner (steak and chips!) and a movie which we later watched after dinner.

Day Six: An Airboat Ride!

Today was awesome, we went on an airboat ride! After seeing it on music videos and stuff it looks great, so was keen to do it.

We went on the boat, donning our earmuffs for protection, and drove around the lake. It was nice to just look at the lake, but we also stopped and saw some alligators/crocodiles which was cool. I also took some pictures, but overall, it was a great life experience, and here on his blog we like life experiences!

Day Seven: Gatorland

So today saw us take a visit to Gatorland, which was good. We had a look at the shows such as Gator Wrestling and Gator Feeding. We also went to the gift shop, where I bought a crocodile keying (I may have forgotten to mention, but I have collected key rings from each place we have been to!)

Day Eight: Universal Orlando Resort!

So we gave it a few days before going back to Universal to do the Orlando Resort section. It was great! There was The Simpsons, which was great for a fan like me. They had The Krusty Burger, the Android Dungeon Comic Book Shop, the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s… It was great! It felt like you were in the set!

There was also the Shrek: 4D Film, which I enjoyed, as it ties Shrek 1 and Shrek 2 together. The effects were also good, it was a great experience. I also went on the Men in Black ride, which was more game-based. I went on it twice and lost both times! Gah! I wanted to go on it for a third time as it was so good.

There was also other rides such as Disaster Studios, which I found interested as it used holograms, and explored how films are made.

Overall, it was a great day. The weather was also good for us, so the day was awesome!

Day Nine: Lazy Day and Downtown Disney!

So today mostly consisted of us chilling. So I checked my social media, emails etc. and went in the pool. Eventually later on in the evening we went to Downtown Disney, which was a good sight to see. There were a lot of good buskers, including an amazing saxophone player. We also had dinner at Planet Hollywood, which involved me eating a cake that was meant to serve two people. Either way, it was delicious.

Day Ten: Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

So today saw us go to Disney’s Magical Kingdom! We had a look around and went on a few rides. However, since we got there in the afternoon, the queues for the rides were huge. So we decided to go back home to relax and return to the park later.

When we went back to Disney, we went on some more rides we had Fast Passes for. Then, we saw the two shows that were on in the evening. The first was Disney’s Electrical Parade, which made me wonder how big their electricity bill mist be. Then we stayed near the castle for the fireworks, which saw things be projected on the castle. It was amazing as it seemed so real!

We then got the Monorail and the Tram back to our car and went home.

Day Eleven: Wet and Wild!

Wet and Wild was where we went to today. This involved going on a dingy ride where unfortunately I went on it backwards, and what I have learnt is that I HATE going on a water ride backwards!

We also went on other rides and went on a race type ride twice, and yep, lost both times… Gaah!

After that we went on a few more rides and went on the wave machines. It was good!

Before we left I also got myself a keying and a Sprite.

Day Twelve: Busch Gardens!

Today saw us go to Busch Gardens, which was good. It was mostly rides but you could go on a train to see the animals and can go and see them in their enclosure. So that was cool.

After the train ride finished, we found a gift shop before leaving the park.

Day Thirteen: Hollywood Studios!

We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios today. We firstly got the Fast Pass tickets for the Toy Story 4D ride, and then went on some other rides and experiences. This included the Muppet Vision Film, the American Idol Experience (which felt like you were seeing a live show), an Indiana Jones Stunt Show, a car stunt show, a train tour, plus interactive elements.

For example, you could go and stand under an umbrella with water falling on top of you in a reference to Singing in the Rain. That was good.

We then went to have lunch, before going on the Toy Story ride which was really good as it is like playing arcade games. Once again, I lost. Gah!

We then went home to go in the pool and chill, until it was time to go back and see the Fantasmic Show. The special effects were amazing. We then went back home after that.

Day Fourteen: Going Home… 😦

Today was our last day, *sad face*, so we didn’t do much today. We went in the pool for the last time, and got ready to leave. Then, after having breakfast and getting everything sorted, we left the house for the last time…

We then went shopping for a few hours before going to Subway for lunch. We then went to the airport early, and it wasn’t long before our bags were sorted and we were on the plane. I read my book and wrote a bit on the plane, and then we landed in England. I was home…

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last two weeks! Images of the holiday are to follow on my Facebook, so be sure to like my Facebook page by clicking here, but I might also put picture son here too. As always, I shall keep you posted!



4 thoughts on “The Florida Diary

    • Both! Haha! It was hot most days. We had to get a lot of drinks and having a pool at our villa definitely helped! But I had a great time, it was my first time across the pond!


  1. Hi Liam, I’m so glad you had a chance to view the USA. Congratulations on the arrival of your new British heir. He’ll probably rule when you are older. Of course you’ll be Prime Minister so that’s fair.

    I so love Florida where we were residents before we moved to Arizona. Miss the beaches but we have enough sand here to last for eternity. We lived just above Orlando so with passes we toured Disney World and Universal Studios many times and laughed more than most people. Enjoy the vacation moments and obviously you traveled first class and weren’t subject to the “Delta doggie biscuits” and bag of peanuts of us commoners.


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