Keyboard Progress

So you may have read in a previous blog post that I own and am trying to learn the keyboard. I thought it would be good to get back into the Music genre that I used to do on my blog, and would tell you about how the keyboard playing is going.

I can already play a couple of songs, but unfortunately, I am still a beginner and so cannot perform chords professionally with two hands, but I can play notes with one hand and get the main melody of the song.

Another thing is that I am learning to play by ear! I am really happy that I’ve learnt to do that, as eventually when I improve, I can learn to play songs just by listening to them, which would be awesome. Also, I can then apply that skill to my drumming as well.

I haven’t done much on the music side of things as I am still busy with other stuff, however, whenever I get some free time, I tend to practice on my drums and keyboard. I also tend to alternate between the two so my interest in playing both of them doesn’t run out.



2 thoughts on “Keyboard Progress

    • Hey Steven, glad you liked this post, and thanks for saying you’ll visit this blog again! Thanks for the like and follow! 🙂

      I will be sure to check out your blog and follow. 🙂



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