Weekly Update: A Rather Busy Week!

Hey everyone! So this week has been another busy week! I’ve had to get a lot of things sorted regarding the writing side of things, and the book is going well! I’ve got a couple of ideas, it’s just that I need to plan the book. But not long now until I get to write the book itself! Woohoo!

Regarding reading, I’ll be happy to say that I’ll have some time over the next few weeks where I can get back into reading. What with me being busy with exams and all I haven’t had much time recently to read, and so my 1,000 page Sherlock Holmes book has been gathering dust. But hopefully, I should get back into reading soon, which is awesome.

But there’s also been some other things, thanks for those who have already, but I’ve got a survey up which I’d like most of my followers to take, as soon I will be blogging for a whole year, and want to make next year even more awesome… The link is here!


Please could you complete it? I would really appreciate it!

Thanks, have a good week!



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